i like girls.

Annaliese, 20, Australia.

y0uwerefakeiwasgreat asked: What was each of your individual thoughts about getting back together were any of you hesitant ?


I came to it with bradie at first, andy was living in the mountains snowboarding at the time. He was super weird about it, i had to convince him a bit haha. we met with andy a month or so later & he was keen as. we all started working on songs and it was awesome. at the end, we were so miserable with the whole thing we had to make sure that never happens again. Now its the best place the bands ever been

Anonymous asked: I can't wait to finally thank you in person for saving my life. I've been wanting to for years.


can i thank you for saving mine?


Anonymous asked: Since Shaun was the first one to ask/think of stack getting back together? Does that mean you missed it the most? Would have the other of asked if you didn't?


i think we all missed it. i also called it quits so I had to do some grovelling haha

iamnotwholovesme asked: What made you release Art Vandelay and did the response to it have any impact on your reunion as a band? x


we did not want it released. it’s a long story, we hate that record and are embarrassed by it, no one was meant to hear it, it was just us experimenting. if anything our stomachs sank when it was released, we were planning to reunite long before it was released.

now we don’t have any record labels and are 100% indie :)

bell-sprouts asked: Not being rude but if you didn't want Art Vandaley released, why did you end up releasing it anyway?


we didn’t. our old record label did. we had no idea it was coming out, we found out through fans tweeting us saying WTF. We no longer are on that label

Anonymous asked: Are you and Andy friends again now?


lol no we hate each other haha.

we never really had a massive falling out, we just needed time apart. all of us. when i came to bradie and asked if he wanted to do stack again, he hadn’t seen andy in months, which surprised me.

now were all back in each others lives its great. it’s like were all 15 years old again ahah

Anonymous asked: Do you guys read all the letters that the fans give you? Or do you just think it's annoying ahaha


we honestly try to read them all. bradie especially, he keeps all he can haha

actually-sinners-do-sleep asked: Was it difficult during the break between you guys? Did you all still see each other?


i spoke to bradie every now & then, i didn’t speak to or see andy for about a year & a half. he lived ages away from me